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  • Our Elders.....

    Last edited by Tyman; 02-22-2010, 08:15 PM.
    Anyone can tear a man down, few can build one up.

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    Re: Our Elders.....

    Originally posted by Tyman View Post
    Our elders, to whom I listen to with great interest. Who I hold high with respect to the wars fought, the depression that they lived though lack of certain things in life that made life more difficult or painful.

    When I would complain as a younger man I was corrected sternly and told a story of real problems. When I went to work at age 11 for 1.00 an hour cleaning dog pens at the human shelter I was told stories of delivering coal for .50 cents a day and not having any shoes.

    The respect I have for my elders will never waiver but I am in a state of confusion right now. This group of great people who have endured more pain than I will ever experience and have had less growing up than I ever did, have me greatly concerned.

    The elders I talk to are scared, I mean really scared. I hear it in their voice, and see it in their eyes. This is a generation that I would least expect to cower in fear of the unknown.

    Their metal was tested long ago, and they never faltered, yet today they fill my mind with horrors not yet to be fulfilled. Where is the grit they had and and the ability to look tough times right in the eye, and spit?
    Those "elders" aren't afraid for themselves--it's their kids and grandkids they are concerned about. They know that they have never faced the adversity that they lived through and quite frankly are worried that they can't handle it. Read some of the past posts on this forum that talk about help nowadays. If you take a close look around at what people are used to and if you could remember what they do, you would be scared, too. Also, they don't want to see the hard times of the 30's again. It hurts too much!


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      Re: Our Elders.....

      Good point, maybe they are concerned for us.
      Anyone can tear a man down, few can build one up.


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        Re: Our Elders.....

        What is anyone worried about?

        Don't you know , its a time of " Let's just print more"

        Just think if these was no income tax how rich we would all be.

        The working people are just getting screwed
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          Re: Our Elders.....

          I have seen a change in most, including elders. More complaints than ever about everything.

          Most couldn't deal with losing the comforts they've been accustomed too.

          I honestly believe I could live in my truck for months if I had too. Just got to move all the plumbing stuff out of the way.

          Of course a 3" L.S. can make a nice neck pillow if done right.



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            Re: Our Elders.....

            Unfortunatly the world seems to get cruder, meaner, and more stupid with every passing day. Morals, integrity and social graces have given way to a generation of self centered sociapaths hell bent on taking without giving. And I blame it all on............Me.


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              Re: Our Elders.....

              I think several things contribute to our elders showing some "fear" nowadays. First of all age weakens the body and shakes the spirit as we are faced with brittle bones, weaker muscles and tired minds. All that aside, just think of the many institutions our elders have seen shaken to the core in recent years? Political wrong doing, athletes on trial for using drugs, holy men convicted for abusing children, businesses that have been around since their childhood disappearing. Really now, it is easier to ignore all these shocking and depressing events if you are busy with work and raising a family, but when you are watching the News and not too active anymore it gets to be a bit much. Change is always more difficult for those who are set in their ways, usually older folks, and it's always been like that. Take that truth if you believe it and add all those things I mentioned and all the upsetting things I left out and it's no wonder our elders are shaken. The spirit of "We Can Do Anything" is still alive among Americans but our hands are tired in some ways. Tradesmen, mechanics, technicans and other professionals have no choice but to use instruments, replacement parts and other goods made in parts of the world where standards and quality are questionable. God willing we will live to become the elderly and I hope that one at a time all these problems are addressed and resolved. Regaining confidence that has been lost will not be quick or easy, but it can and must happen. Imagine how wonderful it will be to be spoken of as the folks who turned things around and made America great again? Some of the sayings the elderly use are very appropriate for today's many serious situations. Many have to do with getting an animal or person's attention, well they got our attention and if we get moving in the right direction maybe the elderly won't be so scared.