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  • compressor for framing gun

    Hi, y'all... looking for a little help and expertise.
    I have a Ridgid Clipped Head Framing Nailer, but no compressor.
    Wondering what size, type, psi, etc., etc. I should look into.
    Only using gun for re-building porch & patio destroyed in hurricane,
    so not looking to frame whole house or anything quite that large.
    Sears has a 3 gallon and a 5 gallon on sale for less than $200.00,
    but not sure if they would / could do the job. Trying to go as cheap
    as possible as the unit probably won't get used much after I finish
    rebuilding porch & patio.
    Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: compressor for framing gun

    I used a 5gal to build my entire house, sharn (too big to be a shed and too small to be a barn) and shrarge (too big for a shed too small to be a garage).
    The only draw back I have found is when I'm doing sub floor or roof decking, I have to give the compressor a break now and then because the constant running gets it a bit hot.
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      Re: compressor for framing gun

      Check out both Porter Cable's and Bostich's 6 gallon pancake compressors. We use both on the job and either one will run a framing gun no problem. You can pick up either one for less than $200 as well.
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