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Consider this (A Plumber's Perspective) on New Years

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  • Consider this (A Plumber's Perspective) on New Years

    On my one and only service call today, there was at one point I was eye to eye, peering within inches of a toilet seat as I replaced a straight stop to a toilet with the walls set right at 15" o.c. to the flange with limited movement of the handles of my tools.

    Knowing my association with my customer's toilet, I'm getting paid to fix that toilet.

    Remember this,

    This night, more than any night of the year will be the time and place where more people hug this toilet, "paying" their just dues for over indulging, following the lines of excess.

    They will complete this task by the system of checks and balances all favoring you regretting the first time your lips touched the glass, the bottle, the cup of alcohol that felt oh so good in the beginning.

    Who knew that your lunch at work earlier in the day would have a cameo appearance, the third time to the can?

    Hopefully all will be safe, everyone will live to see another day, but this night more than many, the world gets to know a plumber's perspective of the almighty porcelain throne, giving their donation while we earn our reputation.
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