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How do I used a given WR Brown Sandblaster?

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  • How do I used a given WR Brown Sandblaster?

    Happy New Year to all.
    I have come to be the owner of a small Sand Blaster which was a cobbers who sadly died. I have had it for years and now I have finally found I could use it.
    1) I have got some old dry sand in it & attached it to the air compressor.
    2) Let compressor build up full pressure
    3) I pulled the trigger and expected the ventury system to suck the sand out after a few minutes but..... no joy

    The unit has a label on it saying that it was made by W.R. Brown Co, Ill.
    Its a small plastic 50lb Model SE354 and I don't have any idea if it's complete or its missing sumit.
    I have done a search on the Net but cant find it (or the company)

    Can anybody enlighten me to a possible explaination or what I should check-out to get it working ?

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