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Tennessee Coal Ash Spill

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  • Tennessee Coal Ash Spill

    Last week in Tennessee The TVA experienced a catastrophe of proportions so large it is hard to fathom. An earthen retention wall failed, discharging over 1 billion gallons of heavy metal-ladened coal ash into the Emory river and surrounding waterways. At 1 million gallons per minute that is over 16.5 hours of flow. Arsenic and Mercury combined with other toxins to form enough sludge to fill over 1500 Olympic sized swimming pools. What were they thinking? That if we wait long enough this sludge will transform itself through alchemy into a golf course? I guess it's all about the money - it's cheaper and more politically expedient to ignore it than to do something about it.

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    Re: Tennessee Coal Ash Spill

    It's a real mess, just about 30 minutes west of me. The area will never be the same again. Bad thing about it is that sludge will eventually make it to the Gulf of Mexico. Covered over 400 acres of ground, washed houses off of there foundation, and even stopped a coal train in its tracks.



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      Re: Tennessee Coal Ash Spill

      It's amazing but this didn't stay on the airwaves long.

      That's Al Gore's neck of the woods, where's his blood red face yelling and screaming and spitting, piping mad about this?

      I'm curious to know if any country music songs have been created, being that it happened in tennessee.
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