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  • Movies

    For starters I am not much for going to the movies mainly because of the price to go and the price of concessions. The popcorn is usually very good I must admit. But I needed to go to please the wife. If there are any dog lovers out there I strongly suggest Marley and Me. It was well worth the money and time with the wife. I have a dog that acts similar to Marley and have been through many of the times they face in the end. Class Movie.

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    Re: Movies

    I'm glad you liked the movie as I did too. I personally try really hard not to buy any concessions which sure are overpriced.

    If anyone is more an old fart type like me, I recommend the new Clint Eastwood movie Gran Torino which is only currently in very few theaters including one near me but which should be in many more on Friday the 9th.

    Update: Here's a little hint on how to save big $$$ on popcorn and other concessions. If you go to a Regal, United Artists or Edwards theater which are all part of Regal Entertainment Group, join their free Crown Club. When you buy tickets or concessions which do cost too much, you earn points towards free popcorn, soda (cup) and now and then a movie pass. In addition members get one small popcorn for a special price on Tuesdays.

    AMC has a similar program but I don't think the benefits are near as good.
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      Re: Movies

      Thanks for the review.

      My wife and I have had a bad string of luck with theaters lately. Between people kicking the back of our seats, putting their feet up on the seats and texting, we have decided not watch movies after 6:00 pm. We're hoping for a smaller crowd.

      I just realized I sound like a old man.
      Anyone can tear a man down, few can build one up.


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        Re: Movies

        here's my three legged dog pingasuit. it means 3 in inuktitut (ping for short). he was born that way.

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          Re: Movies

          I know the feeling tyman. I used to get frustrated at people that I am now turning out to be just like.


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            Re: Movies

            Please see update to my earlier post and if you can go then, I've found movie theaters in the early afternoon on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday normally have very light attendance and it's mostly older people. I can't stand out of control teens in theaters. Some theaters have guards and big bull managers and will demand foul customers leave or deal with the local police under disorderly conduct charges. Normally though it's pretty much anything goes when they are real busy.