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  • Hand held GPS units

    I got turned around while hunting in a snow storm in strange territory in Massachuttes this year and it took 45 extra minutes of slogging through new snow to find my way out. I am planning a hunting trip later this month to New Jersey, where I have never hunted, and don't want to loose my way there either. I am currently evaluating the Garmin Rhino series, the Rhino 530HCx, of hand held GPS units, primarily because of the walkie-talkie feature. Does anyone have any experience with them or have other suggestions? The goofs in the stores don"t have a clue when asked questions.


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    Re: Hand held GPS units

    I'm not up to date on the current Gamin Rhino models but a few years ago they had one that let you send your GPS position to someone else using the built-in FRS UHF radio. Your position would then show up on their GPS screen as a waypoint. They could then set this as a destination and navigate to you. Let's you know where others in your party are located which can be handy. I've owned many Garmin GPS units over the past 16 years. Never had a problem with any of them.

    The Rhino uses technology borrowed from Ham Radio, specifically the work of Bob, WB4APR, who developed the APRS system used on Ham Radio for many years. I won't bore everyone with the details of the system, you can google APRS and get a couple million hits with more info.
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      Re: Hand held GPS units

      Same thing happened to me Tom, it's a scary feeling when it starts getting dark.

      Is this something you're going to use often?

      Do you need/want two way communication?

      Do you want to store a whole lot of way points? More than 500?

      Does it need to display maps?

      If you want just a basic unit with no maps, great reliability at a reasonable cost I would recommend.

      Garmin Etrex H- runs 16 hours on two AA batteries, small, light, waterproof


      Garmin GPS 76- runs 17 hours on two AA batteries, larger display, waterproof and it floats.
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        Re: Hand held GPS units

        I bought my first Trimble about 12 years ago for hunting. Since then I have purchased a couple of Garmins. I've never really had any complaints with any of them. As far as the walkie talkie feature I think I would pass. Usually when you buy combination stuff neither one is full featured.

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