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  • Hobbies 2009

    Ok... Its been 2 years since I asked what everyones hobbies are. Mine have changed. I usually go in 3 year cycles of obsession with each new hobby.

    Anyways... this years hobbies are.

    Playing with my 2 year old twin boys
    Coin Collecting (mostly old common date stuff)
    Video Games (only on plane trips really )
    Watching Basketball (sadly havent been able to do much of that either)

    So what are your current hobbies?

    BTW... sorry I havent been on the forum as much... Trying to get back on the saddle. Life has been beyond crazy for a long list of reasons you will all learn about eventually.


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    Re: Hobbies 2009

    Trying to clean out my basement.

    Trying to clean out my closet.

    Just basically trying to see the floor in some places.

    If I finish by Spring, or not, I'll have to build a picnic table and maybe a deck, some steps, a rain barrell stand for behind the shed(rehabbing the shed was my hobby last year..........
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      Re: Hobbies 2009

      No time for hobbies.

      Too much forum time.




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        Re: Hobbies 2009

        I pass time doing household chores and cooking meals for the family, real manly stuff. Going to the gym, tv and Internet fill up the gaps. I enjoy using and maintaining my tools and assorted machines, but as a pure hobby I have gotten into LED flashlights. This must sound nutty but the advancements in functions, styling, overall technology are quite interesting. I also have a few tactical knives I keep busy sharpening. You can never have enough flashlights and knives. If I had the money I'd have more hobbies. I don't know about you guys but I like things that are machine finished, metal, like precision made guns, optics, cameras, etc.


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          Re: Hobbies 2009

          My golfing has gone down to once a year. Ouch, that one hurts.

          My woodworking is at a stop.

          I didn't do any hunting either this year.

          I've been coaching kids with sports.

          Computers, I've been learning more about them, ya thats a hobby.

          I took up walking, but recently slowed down, hard to walk in a foot of snow or ice.

          I was just to dang busy, now I'm in that career change.
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            Re: Hobbies 2009
            • Just became a grandpa for the first time 1 month ago. My goal is to spoil the child in the next few years.
            • I'm close to having all the woodworking tools I'll ever use. Next up this spring is to turn the 3 car garage into a "Norm" clone. (Yea right)
            • Golf, Golf, and Golf. (At least twice a week)
            • Next woodworking project is a display case with beveled glass out of oak or cherry for all my LGB railroad engines and cars.
            • None of this will start until May when the Arctic season in Chicago ends.


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              Re: Hobbies 2009

              Lately I have really been doing a fair amount of woodworking so I expect that area to grow a little.

              Collecting knives, I really enjoy it and I build displays for them. The art, materials and function are interesting.

              The last hobby is survival preparedness. I have been working on my 72 hour bag here and there, and watching Red Dawn everyday. WOLVERINES!
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                Re: Hobbies 2009

                Woodworking. I want to make a simple TV stand for my parents, some garage cabinets, and hopefully something more complicated.
                Home repair. I have lots of holes in my garage ceiling to fix.
                For the first time in years I have a personal computer that I plan to do non-work stuff on. I hope to make the transition from Tivo to MythTV.

                I'm also starting with a new department at work, so that will likely take up a lot of time. I should hopefully get to keep my first-line manager though, which I am very thankful for.


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                  Re: Hobbies 2009

                  My usual hobbies are: Chess, music, hiking, hunting, fishing, weightlifting.
                  My life since my small business took off and my baby daughter was born: working on plumbing, playing with daughter, some sleeping and the forum! Seriously, all my time is spent with business or with baby. Sometimes I escape to the forum. No hobbies.
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                    Re: Hobbies 2009

                    Guitar - want to move up a nothch and start gigging again. maybe get a Les Paul (GT w/ Dark Back) or a Flying V. maybe P-90s for the SG

                    SCUBA - gotta get back into it. with the new business i have not taken or made the time

                    Photography - both U/W and above. looking for a better camera (DSLR) and getting my Nikonus up and running again

                    Sailing - have the Sunfish repair/upgrade project up higher on the list than last year

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                      Re: Hobbies 2009

                      I would like to get more into cooking this year. I enjoy creating meals and hosting dinner parties.

                      I intend to make a pot rack to hang in the kitchen, so I will need to learn how to weld.

                      Get better with my bow.

                      Spend more time at the range with the rifles and pistols.

                      On the professional side, I need to really push my business this year. That's going to take away from my hobbies a good bit, so I may not have time to do everything. I'll probably end up buying a pot rack and modifying it to suit my needs. At some point, I do want to learn how to work metal, but this may not be the year for that.
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