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  • tool roll away storage chest

    How did the powers to be come up with the dimensions for roll around tool carts/chests?

    I can understand how they determine the drawer heights, typically:
    2", 3 1/8", 4 1/8",6 3/8", etc. Based on the size tools to be stored

    I also understand the drawer depth dimension:
    10 3/4", 14 1/2", 16 1/2",18 3/8" etc. based on the size of the tools to be stored

    But, how/why did they select such odd widths?
    26", 27", 40", 46", 52" etc.

    Then with respect to the various brands there does not seem to be any logical explanation as to the price of the unit VS number of drawers! for example:
    a 26" wide 4 drawer 8513 cu in.=$249.00
    a 26" wide 8 drawer 10663 cu in.=$499.00
    a 26" wide 5 drawer 12264cu in.=$459.00

    I know there are many variables but I am trying to understand the design logic.

    I have a Sear's Craftsman roll away, 9 drawers, 10618 cu in.,

    Its overall dimensions are: 26 1/2"W, 18"D, 40m 3/4"H

    Now, this unit does not have the newer "ball bearing type" drawer slides.
    I'm looking at buying a newer roll away but I'm restricted to width at a maximum of 39"

    I have seen some units that would work but YIKES! they are over $1100.00

    I need more tool room but not for that kind of money!

    I wonder if I can simply change out my drawers with the newer slides for easier access and then just buy some additional chests to sit on top of the roll away box?

    Anyway, I'd be interested in any thoughts pertaining to the roll a way tool chests

    Cactus Man