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  • Circut City Bargin

    So we have been stopping in at the various Circuit City stores closing down all over the Chicago land area when we have a chance between calls.

    Now these guys aren't just selling product but everything in the store. You name it....they will sell it.

    So we are cruising around and I see a really nice wet dry vac that had obviously been used by the cleaning staff there but was lightly used. I got looking at this thing closer and quickly realized that this was not your run of the mill shop vac by any means.

    It had a stainless container and it said it was made in Italy. Weired!!!

    I looked up the serial number on my Blackberry using Google and found very quickly this was not a cheap piece of equipment. Heres a link to this crazy little thing:

    I paid $50.00 for it!

    What a deal huh?

    I think I will ebay it.

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    Re: Circut City Bargin

    What the heck!? Six hundred dollars for a shop vac? Dude!


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      Re: Circut City Bargin

      I'd sell it, buy a new ridgid, and take my wife to dinner

      Great deal!


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        Re: Circut City Bargin



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          Re: Circut City Bargin

          Nikro makes nice vacs if you want a hardcore industrial vac. I use this for sucking small grease traps

          Not cheap either. Nice score.
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