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how often do you do it?

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    Re: how often do you do it?

    Originally posted by cpw View Post
    Double disk failures are also a real problem with big enough arrays, because the drives often come from the same batch, with correlated failures so the rebuild process manages to kill a second disk.
    I would think so too but that hasn't been my experience so far (15 years). The Dell drive that failed on me was a 10K rpm SCSI. Dell sent me a 15K rpm replacement. Faster but I can't benefit from the better speed because it is a part RAID 1 where the other drive is still 10K rpm and bummer, it's still going without a glitch. I got 2 more years of warranty on it and I hope it fails before the warranty expires.

    With massive arrays (1000's of disks) you will certainly experience more failures because there are more drives to fail.

    In my scenario all I can do is have multiple backups. I am pretty paranoid about data so I have 1 wired backup server onsite, 2 wired offsite and one offsite backup set taken out of the office on a storage medium. These days the storage medium I use are 320GB laptop drives (1 for each day of the week). They are defragged right after the backup operation is complete and then I run an automatic chkdsk on them.
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