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  • Unlicensed activity on Craigslist

    Any body else losing business to unlicensed plumbers on craigslist. I wrote emails to the state of Florida but it seems nothing being done. Any ideas?
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    Re: Unlicensed activity on Craigslist

    I used to lose business all the time to home centers and hardware stores who would sell non-code approved products to my PH&C customers. As a legitimate PH&C wholesaler we would never sully our reputation by selling non-code approved product so we lost out whenever such product was used. Numerous complaints over the years to the powers that be at the State level to crack down on the home centers and hardware stores fell on deaf ears. I hope you have better luck with your situation than we did.
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      Re: Unlicensed activity on Craigslist

      I know the feeling. Its really frustrating to spend the time posting an ad when some unlicensed character who is not licensed or insured low balls to get calls. Make the potential clients aware by posting ask the contractors for proof of license and insurance when they make the call.
      Craigslist is going to be a pay site very soon. That will get rid of some of the rift raft. Until then keep your head up.


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        Re: Unlicensed activity on Craigslist

        USE THE "FLAG" that actually helps !!!

        and yea I agree it's annoying and maybe Craig should change the policy
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          Re: Unlicensed activity on Craigslist

          You can notify Craigslist of the criminal acts & what kind of actions that can be taken against the individuals in your state. See if you can have them require a contractors license # in the post.

          And you can always just outpost them. Leading with "LICENSED PROFESSIONAL".