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Anybody else plow snow?

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  • Anybody else plow snow?

    Man, I am sick of plowing snow! I have only a few accounts of my own and I am also sub contracted out with my truck on a few but it is getting crazy with all the snow around here.

    I am making good money but I am beat. I just got home and I have been plowing since 3am. I have had so much sugar and energy drinks I can't fall asleep now.

    By the way, I saw a 6" cleanout on a short piece of pvc pipe stuck in a snow pile earlier today. I bet it shook that guys teeth when he hit that!

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    Re: Anybody else plow snow?

    Last winter I was scraping ice in a big parking lot with a front end loader. The loader just shifted into fourth gear when I hit a manhole that was set above the blacktop. It stopped and I kept going. My head hit the windshield, spiderwebbed it and knocked it out. The manhole cover went flying across the lot. Other guys who saw it happen said the back wheels of the loader lifted off the ground when I hit the manhole. I was a little shaken up. LOL The next day huge black and blue marks on both my thighs where they hit the steering wheel. Funny now but not then.

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