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    Im new and looking to buy hardwood floors. need about 1200 sq feet total. Ive heard lumber liquidators is okay or a local lumber yard.. Can someone help me out where to purchase hw floors at a reasonable rate?


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    Re: floors


    From my experience, that's a tough question to answer. I have no direct experience with Lumber Liquidators other than to match them with local prices.

    Is this something that you intend to install yourself or are you having a local contractor to do it for you? Any prices need to take into consideration installation cost, including incidentals like baseboard, doorway, trimwork, and similar considerations. Also to be considered is the wood quality and length of the particular wood pieces.

    For example, you might find a "better price" from one source, but then find that the finish, thickness, etc. is less. Also, there's a big difference in price if what you are getting is a bunch of short pieces vs pieces with a guaranteed minimum length.

    This past summer we had new hardwood (red oak) installed in our first floor. The price was very good and while I'm happy with the installation and the final job, initially there was some concerns. The original shipment was mostly very short pieces (some as short as eight inches) and in the first couple of boxes that we inspected there were too many surface defects (looked like cracks or rough-looking, crack-like blemishes in the finish coating). We had the installer pack the stuff up and find another supplier, which cost a little more.

    (Also, check to make sure the finish is the correct color and the right gloss or matte that you expect. The example chip they show you may not match what's in the cartons!)

    Unless there is warpage or twist, the installation cost (or time, if you're doing it yourself) may be pretty much the same regardless of quality. So you want to be happy with the quality level of the material. So, best advice I can give is look for the best per foot cost, but ask some questions about the quality details, and find out what the provisions are should you run into something that doesn't live up to your expectations. AND, if you've found an installer... make sure you check their references, and if possible see for yourself what their work looks like.

    I hope this helps,



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      Re: floors

      I bet this is going to be spam.* Can't even spell his own occupation.


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        Re: floors

        lumber liquidators is jsut what they say, they liquidate surplus stock or over runs,

        some is good and some not so good, some has flaws and defects,
        that may be why it is being liquidated, if it is from a quality company that went belly up then it probably good quality,

        but there is some to the old saying
        "you get what you pay for".

        just make sure there is some warranty and if your not satisfied with the quality you can return it if needed.

        on the flooring discussion boards there is a lot of negative regarding that company, but then when people are satisfied they do not complain or ask questions on how to fix the problems,

        I would suggest if you buy from a discounter, get everything you need for the entire job, as you may never be able to get some more to match if you run out,

        If your going to hire an installer ask them what they recommend and have had good results with.
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