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Helicopter v. Geese Strike

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    Re: Helicopter v. Geese Strike

    Thats absolutely incredible damage.. I had no idea it would be that bad. But the airline that crashed or somehow landed in the hudson they say was hit by a bird as well.


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      Re: Helicopter v. Geese Strike

      From what I understand, it was a flock of geese. Both engines went out, and the pilot glided the plane into the river, with no power from the engines.

      Which makes it all the more impressive that nobody died.

      Amazing job!


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        Re: Helicopter v. Geese Strike

        i once heard a story about a hunter getting knocked out by the goose he shot. i didn't believe it, first.

        me and my buddy mark (different mark, mark) were out hunting geese one spring.

        i have the ability to call geese without a caller. so i was calling them and they flew straight at us.

        mark was laying on the tundra and i was sitting straight up.

        the rule he and i have is "the one that calls them gets first shot". so i shot it.

        my buddy had to roll out of the way of the falling bird.

        20 or 25lbs of falling bird doesn't sound like much until it hit the ground. wwaapppp!!!!

        thankfully, i've never been in a aircraft during a bird strike. i'd knock on wood but people around here look at me funny when i knock on a power pole.

        thanks for the pics mark.


        just for the record, inuit are allowed to hunt geese during the spring/fall migration here in canada.


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          Re: Helicopter v. Geese Strike

          Lies lies lies. These pilots landed for a quick peep show. When they left and the engine would not start. One pilot said to the other you got a strong arm grab a few Geese and whip them at the chopper and make it look like an accident so or wives and boss don't get pissed.
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            Re: Helicopter v. Geese Strike

            See... I guess it's true, stay the he!! away from porn shops if you don't want to get "goosed"