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  • New dovetail saw

    This afternoon I paid our local woodcraft store a visit to get one of their double strike knives. These things are great if you can find them. While there I noticed David Marks was holding a class /seminar on sharpening, I think woodcraft is hosting the workshop at their store over the weekend. It is nice to see someone of his caliber spending some time in our part of the world. I then made the mistake of taking a look at the Lie Nielsen dovetail saw, I own a couple of older dovetail saws, Diston & sons, and a dozuki. I was hoping the Lie was everything I have hoped it to be; perhaps I set my expectations too high. Because, when I got home and gave it a try on some poplar and African mahogany. It worked “OK” but I have to admit, it didn’t have anything on my old Diston, and it is in need of some attention. In fact that was my justification for getting the Lie. I am cautiously optimistic that the Lie will grow on me over time, kind of like my old Diston.

    Moral of the story, sometimes those old tools we use deserve more credit than what we give them.