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  • Are you GREEN COLLARED???

    I was just watching the news and they were talking about jobs in the US. They talked about some of the ways people need to adapt to our changing job market.

    They said that some people need to consider a whole new career path in some cases and then they mentioned some jobs that will be up and coming for the near future.

    They refereed to the trades and mentioned green plumbing and cut to a shot of a guy rodding a drain!

    They are saying that Green Collared jobs are the new thing and whoever secures a position in that market can plan on an easy ride for the next several years.

    I consider myself Green Collared, how about you?

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    Re: Are you GREEN COLLARED???

    Only Green Collards I know about have got Fatback in them.

    I look into the majority of it once in awhile. Green building, solar, LEEDS Certification.

    In my opinion most don't look at the big picture of finances and total earth impact. And it usually doesn't add up to be much good.



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      Re: Are you GREEN COLLARED???

      I don't think there is a plumbing product more green then bidets. The amount of wood, water and chemicals that go into making toilet paper is crazy. Let alone the extra showers people take because "they just don't feel clean". Reading my posts I think people realize I'm no enviromentalist. Maybe because of the products I endorse I'm more of an enviromentalist then I realize. Hey! I am a green collard plumber