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LLSA still backlogged?

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  • LLSA still backlogged?

    Interested in the 3660 on clearance at HD, and the LLSA is a very important thing in my eyes.

    Are they still having loads of problems setting up registrations? Since its a selling point, Id rather not end up "in the wind" if they are having issues setting people up with the LLSA.

    I already have a few tools that the LLSA went thru on perfectly fine, but since the switchover Ive read a lot more complaints around here about it.


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    Re: LLSA still backlogged?

    I just registered and sent off the materials for an LSA on a new table saw. All my other tools have disappeared. I'm particularly interested in my Miter saw as I don't have the UPC code after sending it in when I bought the saw. I'm assuming my router will be the same.