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    So, I adopted a dog from the shelter last Sunday.

    She's a beauty; a sweet, loving, loyal mutt. Pit bull/heeler mutt. Loved me like no one ever has. She's been at the shelter 5 mo and I took a chance on her and on myself. Tried to kill my buddy's dog, pried her off. Got real agressive with a couple humans. I thought I could give this dog the direction she needed, but I just don't have the space and time for her. She's back at the shelter now. I feel like a complete and total failure. She gave me total love; no-one's ever been so completely accepting of me, and I ****ed her over again like every human she's known. I had her a week, and she learned to sit, we were woking on heeling, and she learned to stay in the van while I was working. 50 lb of pure muscle and devotion dedicated to doing what I asked, and I couldn't communicate what I wanted from her clearly. I'm alone again tonight, and so is she, and I feel like I've failed us both.
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    Re: Dog Adoption

    Are you still friends with your buddy after that incident? If you are, that's the sacrifice that you didn't lose that friendship, and he probably appreciates what you had to do, especially if the dog is harming other human beings.

    I'm not fond of pit bull breed at all; too many bad things accompany that breed, along with rots.

    My sister has a boxer/rot mixed dog and two kids....the dog has turned on my nephew twice, both times scarring his face. The look this dog will give you if he doesn't know you, is very disturbing.

    I can't get them to get rid of the eventually we'll probably hear of another incident sooner than later.

    Consider 5 months not being 5 years...and those incidents happened, and how much it would bother you to have that much invested in the pet.

    I've personally adhered to the standard that I won't own a dog that shits bigger than I can, and that makes the maintenance of the animal, and the dangers I hope most times far lesser.

    Thank your lucky stars that you can sit here typing your statement, knowing your buddy's dog is still alive along with two humans. The dog from your statements sound like it could of been put down with that kind of track history.

    Get ya a good lap dog, small. One that doesn't follow an aggressive nature. Not all small dogs are free of being aggressive.
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      Re: Dog Adoption

      Thanks Dunbar...

      Yes, we're still friends... His dog got off with some puncture wounds to the snout... she's ok, if a little confused about what she might have done to bring it on. This dog exhibited none of this in the shelter... was fine out in their yard with other dogs, etc. I think she got so tuned in on me so quick that she was picking up my fear that she would attack and that was setting her off as much as anything. If she'd gone after a kid, even an adult to where she drew blood, I'd have had her put down. But really all she did was probably attributable to my inexperience as much as anything and I can't see not letting her have another chance. If she had a space to run in and other dogs to play with, she'd be fine.

      The people at the shelter are great; we've discussed it at length and they have promised to look for a dog that is a better fit for me. I think I will volunteer there until the right one comes along.

      I cried like a baby bringing her back there after only a week together. I'm glad we figured out how wrong it was that quick.

      Really I just feel like a fool that I thought I could handle this dog and I let her come to trust me and then let her down.
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      This is my reminder to myself that no good will ever come from discussing politics or religion with anyone, ever.


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        Re: Dog Adoption

        My buddy volunteers at a shleter and rescued a pit/great dane mix and a pit/rot mix last year. He has been good to the dogs but they've turned on him twice. I'm afraid it's a matter of time till they hurt him or someone else real bad. Strange just woke up from nightmare of a pit snapping at me as I'm trapped on the roof of a car. When I was still working as a lineman I was driving a big rodding truck when I saw two black pitbulls tearing up a irish setter. The pitbull owner was a young black guy who was just standing there laughing and enjoying his dogs going to work. I crossed oncomming traffic and drove up onto the sidewalk to break it up. I was scared and mad but he called the dogs off. I don't trade human life and limb or that of another animal for the love of a pet. I am very sorry you opened your heart and life to this dog and that now you feel bad and are alone. Please don't give up on adopting, just choose a smaller and less agressive breed. Best of luck and cheer up you did the right thing.
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          Re: Dog Adoption

          I think in the end you did the right thing.

          While your waiting to adopt again, you should read the book "Leader of the Pack". It gives a lot of insight on a dogs way of thinking and how you should change some things you do.

          Also, check out the "dog whisperer" show.
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            Re: Dog Adoption

            You definitely did the right thing, dogs like that have no place in society. Perhaps somebody with top notch training skills can rehab this dog, but likely the behaviur you saw is ingrained in it and it will probably never change.

            I recently got a Golden Retriever, and I will tell you, if you are looking for a faithful companion, that is it. My Golden is very well mannered, and sticks right to my side. Of course there are some times when his listening skills aren't top notch yet, but he just likes to explore the new neighborhood a bit.



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              Re: Dog Adoption


              You tried and you care. That's more than far too many people do.


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                Re: Dog Adoption

                I'm sorry this had to happen.It hurts when I have to let go.And yes you are fortunate to see the situation early on or else it could have been even more heartbreaking.Doesn't make it any easier.
                I have had dogs by my side since before high school.If they are going to alter their characteristics it usually takes a lot of attention from it's owner.
                I like the way I can see someone through their dog,Good and Bad.I do not consider a dog a toy or a posession.It is more of a companion to share with.I know his Gig and work with him to exchange bad habits for more rewarding ones.Fortunately we are able to spend a lot of time together.Some dogs become very dissfunctional when people aquire them as a toy.
                This one was a rescue from an abusive family so he had running issues and nipping at visitors.It took a couple years to show him how my "pack" runs.He only weighs 12 lbs. If he were to seriously bite it would be far more than just an embarassment.Totally different scenario if it was my German Shepard or Doberman of the past.

                I worked at a shelter for a few months when I was a youth.It would be a very uncomfortable experience for me now.Every set of eyes looking at me through the links with such desperation and hope.I find it hard to even visit anymore without getting upset.

                A couple of thoughts on adopting.Because of so many people being displaced the shelters are seeing a substancial increase,"You can move in with us but not THE dog.".(It's wierd how different people view animals).
                Also I've noticed over the years a lot more people prefer Rescue/Shelter over Breeder/Sale.Pet stores are not what they used to be.

                You'd be a great owner.Your going to turn a dogs life around in a good way.
                Good Luck Alex


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                  Re: Dog Adoption

                  As a member of a Working Dog Association I have been involved in training a number of different dogs. We train from basic obediance through personal protection. My last four dogs have been Great Danes. The third one was a rescued Great Dane - Huge 178#, he looked down to see what was on the kitchen counter. Both of his parents were champions. We brought him home and the first night he bit me drawing blood. The following morning he bit my wife's hand, again drawing blood. The afternoon he was at a shelter with explicit instructions to put him down. My wife and I were sad and teary eyed that this beautiful animal was to be put down. We have grandchildren and nieces and nephews whose heads were at this dogs head level. One snap and the consequences might have been terrible.

                  Investigation into the dog's background revealed he was raised in a back yard kennel by himself. The husband traveled and the wife was afraid of the dog so she pushed food into the cage and left. The dog was not socialized with either humans or other animals. He wasn't trained to behave.

                  This raises the question for me of the difference between accountability and responsibility. With the presupposition that the dog doesn't have any chemical imbalance or physical anamoly that would predispose him to aggresive behavior, who is responsible for the actions of your dog. It seems to me that whoever was charged with the dogs training is responsible for his actions. But who is accountable for the dog's actions or reactions. Unfortunately the dog.

                  Dogs and other non-human animals, to more or less similar degrees, because of their brain structure, do not have the capacity to rationalize, eg '...why is this guy training me to sit?' or in deer '...why is this guy hunting me?' They respond to stimuli. The aggressivness your dog showed probably didn't have anything to do with you. It was a learned response to a stimulus which will probably never be known.

                  By returning the dog to the shelter you might have helped him. The dog's behavior being noted at the shelter he can now be adopted out as a dog who does not do well with other animals or small children.

                  As sad as you feel now, you did the right thing.



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                    Re: Dog Adoption

                    Very appreciated Tom


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                      Re: Dog Adoption

                      i've done a lot of plumbing at some newly built dog pounds around the city.

                      everytime i get a call to go to one, joey warns me not to bring home a dog.

                      it's hard to resist. i'm working right in front of their kennals. most of them are barking to get attention. except this one boxer. all he did was watch me work and offer me his paw.

                      for a couple hours after i finished that day, i stuck around trying to sterr people over to him. i even took a couple photos. called my parents, friends, but not joey.

                      i got home and showed the photos to joey. she agreed it was a cute boxer. i tried to convince her that baxter, my boxer needed a playmate.

                      4 weeks later i returned to the same pound. couldn't believe that the boxer was still there. he remembered me with his paw.

                      spoke to the front desk and asked why no one has adopted him.

                      they said that there are certain dog breeds that have a bad reputation. a boxer being one of them.

                      that being said, my homeowners insurance is higher than it could be, because i have a boxer. they have a list of dogs that fit that catagory.

                      needless to say, i spend more to keep baxter.

                      joey actually feels safe when i'm out of town, knowing that baxter is keeping an eye on her

                      go visit your local dog pound. there's another baxter waiting to be brought home.

                      i'll try to find the photo of my little friend from last summer.

                      phoebe it is


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                        Re: Dog Adoption

                        Thanks all for the support. The bedroom was lonely again last night with no groans and yawns and snuffles. I wanted to add that this is a no-kill shelter (I assume with exceptions for extreme cases, which Daisy wouldn't be with the right owner), so she should eventually get a chance. Again she did none of this at the shelter; she was just a big silly lover when I visited her there, so now that they are aware of these tendencies they will be careful to place her with someone who can train her properly.

                        I really really like the people at the shelter. They were so all over checking up on me and the dog, and without their guidance I might have tried to keep her and ended up with a tradgedy. They offer an obedience course there and it's half price if you adopt a dog; $85 for I think 8 or 10 weekly classes. I think it says a lot about their level of concern that they do that for so cheap and that they go to the effort they do to make sure an adoption works.

                        I've decided I am going to put in a half a day a week there. I can walk the dogs and work with them and take them through the class before they get adopted, and can get some more experience learning to 'speak dog' while I wait for the right one to come to me. Maybe I'll find some plugged up drains to clear while I'm there... might even make some coupons up; adopt a dog get $100 off your next plugged line.
                        This is my reminder to myself that no good will ever come from discussing politics or religion with anyone, ever.


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                          Re: Dog Adoption

                          Don't be hard on yourself.

                          My sister is going through a lawsuit right now where a 7 year old girl went into their yard and tackled their golder retriever. The dog bit the girl above the eye on the brow. The dog had to be put down after it was quarantined 5 days and now the family is suing not only for the medical bills but also for the scar the girl will be left with.

                          You did the right thing.
                          Anyone can tear a man down, few can build one up.