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Dealing with Clutter

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  • Dealing with Clutter

    I've come to accept that no matter how many shelves I build and plastic bins I stack, the habit of buying, saving, collecting and accepting "stuff" needs to be faced and overcome. While watching a home improvement program with my wife recently I laughed at the seemingly insane people who cluttered their living space so badly that they needed outside help. Then I looked around my bedroom and realized I was getting sloppy myself. My hobbies of flashlights and other nic nacks were on top of furniture and overflowing draws that no longer got closed. I've cleaned house before but this time I went much further, not only straightening up my living space but venturing into the depths of my 5'5" crawlspace (Oh, my aching back). I won't go into detail but there was a lot of stuff (good stuff) that I had not used in years and was not going to use. Parting with things we see as valuable is difficult unless we are honest with ourselves about actually making use of the items in question. I have much more work ahead, but making room in that crawlspace felt good.

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    Re: Dealing with Clutter

    This winter has been tough on this matter.Over the last 3 years I've been accumilating items for a flowing full spectrum construction outfit.Now it's a waste of money taking up space needed for service equipment and must be gotten rid of.

    I will say one thing.Cleaning up my valuable unused clutter items to be disposed of sure helps me become more aware of how I waste my resources.


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      Re: Dealing with Clutter

      I too started to clean. It was so bad I could barely get into my office. I shredded a lot of old personal statements and miscellaneous paper junk. Why ever did I keep VISA statements from 2006 on which there were nothing but personal charges like meals? What I found was that initially I made great progress. But as the sorting and discarding process continued it was more and more difficult to determine what to do with the remaining paper. Finally I decided to put more file folders in my file cabinet. Some files only have one piece of paper but at least that paper is not on my desk.

      Today I started with the dreaded, 'Clean the Shop." I anticipated a protracted ordeal and thought I would have to build more cabinets and shelves because it was such a mess in there. The problem as it turned out was clutter. As I put stuff back where it belonged the shop began to shape up rapidly and no new shelves or cabinets are needed. But I made the same observation as drtyhands. The quantity of things I have bought impulsively and not used or used once is staggering. I don't remember why I bought a 2'x3'x3" piece of zebra wood but I got it. I must have convinced myself at the time I had to have it.

      Odd the things we do.