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  • Use Your Camcorder!

    I recently finished converting all my camcorder tapes to DVD. My daughters are now ages fifteen and twenty one, the time did fly but those video memories were like a time machine. Seeing the girls as toddlers and growing from birthdays through holidays was great. I urge all of you who have camcorders to use them and use them often. You will be glad you did years from now when your life is quiet and you have a chance to relive some of those precious moments.

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    Re: Use Your Camcorder!

    Good point on using the video recorders.

    My parents always had the old 8mm movie camera running it seems. Years ago I got trusted with the cache of films, some 38 or so 7" reels of mostly color 8mm film. A number of years ago as a Christmas present I get it all transfered over to VHS tape and gave a copy to every member of the family. They loved it. Now I need to take my copy and move it onto DVDs, then burn copies for everyone again I guess.

    If you have a stash of old films, drag them out and think about getting them put on disc. Even if they are in bad shape there may still be plenty of usable film in there, so don't toss them too hastily. The can even be restored for not too much money, and memories like those are priceless.
    All those Christmas mornings, birthdays, my little brother growing up, vacations, and so much more.

    You gotta get it out of the box! If not, at least store them in a safe place. One where the temperature does not vary too greatly and stays around 50 to 60°F is good with low humidity. That means attics and basements are OUT.
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      Re: Use Your Camcorder!

      Bob, for those of us who can't afford to have the 8mm films professionally transfered setting up a screen and camcorder can capture quite a bit of the film. I've done this a few times and the results are not bad. The other route is to build a sort of light box through which the image is projected onto a glass screen. Either way the important thing is to preserve the memory. Having someone transfer a video onto DVD can be very costly, but unless it needs some enhancements an inexpensive combination VHS/DVD recorder with external RCA jacks for a camcorder input can do the same thing of pennies. A blank DVD is only about ten cents!