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    Re: Octomommy

    It's about time a complaint is finally filed against the "Doctor".

    A US fertility doctor has been accused of gross negligence over his treatment of a woman who gave birth to octuplets last year.

    A disciplinary complaint filed by the California Medical Board said that Dr Michael Kamrava acted “beyond reasonable judgment” by helping Nadya Suleman to conceive octuplets.
    Ms Suleman, 34, who already had six children, received considerable media attention when she successfully gave birth to eight babies in Los Angeles, and was dubbed “Octomom".
    Medical experts sharply criticised Dr Kamrava’s West Coast IVF Clinic in Beverly Hills for carrying out the treatment.

    Under guidelines issued by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), a woman of Ms Suleman’s age should have no more than two embryos implanted.

    Experts say that multiple-birth babies are often born prematurely - Ms Suleman’s octuplets were born nine and a half weeks early - which puts them at significantly greater risk of long-term health problems.
    The complaint filed by Barbara Johnston, the executive director of the medical board, questioned Dr Kamrava’s treatment methods and criticised him for not referring Ms Suleman to a mental health professional after she repeatedly sought fertility treatment. At the time she conceived she was living in her mother's three-bedroomed home, subsisting on benefits.

    The complaint states that Dr Kamrava implanted Ms Suleman with a far greater number of embryos than the American Society of Reproductive Medicine recommends and "beyond the reasonable judgment of any treating physician".
    The ASRM expelled Dr Kamrava in September, but his medical licence was not affected, allowing him to continue treating patients.
    The medical board has yet to set a date for hearing the complaint, which could result in Dr Kamrava’s license being revoked or suspended.
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      Re: Octomommy

      I completely agree with the fact that the Dr had no place whatsoever doing this for someone so unstable, like selling a $3mil home to a janitor and convincing him he'll be able to make the payments so you can make your sales commission (oh, wait, that happened in Cali a lot over the last five years)

      Ask me, I say the solution was just common sense from the getgo, anyone stupid enough to have that many children with no financial future or game plan should be deemed unfit by default, those kids should have been long since adopted for a better shot at a decent life.

      Either way, we fund the process, we might as well be funding it for them to have a better life.


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        Re: Octomommy

        Maybe the courts should insist the doctor be allowed to keep working, only make him foot the bill for his actions in her having eight children? We are shocked that this single woman was enabled to give birth to eight children and upset that we have to pay for their support, but the problem is not isolated. We do nothing as a society to stop unwed or financially broke women from having as many children as they want one or two at a time. I think we should have mandatory birth control for anyone who cannot provide for their own children. I am not referring to a woman or couple who fall upon hard times, but rather the folks who know well in advance they are ill prepared. Why do we have to support another person's child when they know prior to the pregnancy they cannot? We reward irresponsibility.
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