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  • Steroids

    For all the baseball (as well as other sports fans) out there. Where do you stand on the steroid problems. I personally believe we all make our share of mistakes and hopefully can be forgiven. However it seems time for some drastic action to take place to get the point across that it must stop. Many of our youth idolize these professional athletes. I say if an athlete is caught then suspend them for a long period of time. The second offense would be a lifetime suspension. While this may seem extreme the athletes' know the rules and should pay the price. We don't allow illegal substances here at work which is what the athletes are doing at their work. Let's here from you.

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    Re: Steroids

    1st time offender and YOU ARE OUT forever, end of discussion, no second chance, no chance of HOF.

    that is the only way to send a message that will stick.

    just my $.02 before taxes

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      Re: Steroids

      I say ban baseball all together.

      Seems like it has turn into Roidville with A-Rod being the lastest guilty fool.

      Anyone find it odd they waited years before divulging that it happened in 2003?

      I don't know what's worse; gettin' busted doin roids or seeing madonna naked. She's no spring chicken no more, kinda gross. Maybe a bad case of shribble nut gave him an inferior complex and had to find comfort in unattractive women. We will never know...
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        Re: Steroids

        Football and Basketball have cheerleaders!
        How come Baseball and Hockey do not?

        Baseball is boring... scratching, spitting, and throwing a ball to a guy on his knees. sometimes a fellow in front of the guy on his knees hits the ball with a stick and then tries to run in a circle back to where he dropped his bat! Really Boring stuff.

        Now Bowling is tops! It's better than golf too!
        In never loose your ball, you can drink beer while playing, and your game is never rained out!

        I will admit Baseball players are smarter than Football players....when was the last time
        a Baseball team was penalized for "too many players on the field"????

        Oh, steroids....get caught you're "OUT" and have to return that year's salary to a school teacher!

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          Re: Steroids

          Did you all watch the interview last night?

          What's up with the pink lipstick and guyliner, A-Rod?

          I find it interesting that of all the players that tested positive, he's the only one named so far

          I believe that when the test was taken, steroids weren't banned from baseball yet

          ....and Pete Rose still kept out of The Baseball Hall of Fame?


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            Re: Steroids

            I'm not sure where I stand on this issue but I do feel that banning someone for life after one offense is far too drastic. To deny anyone the right to make a living doing what they are best at would only be fair if this penalty was enforced throughout all of society. Drugs are a huge problem in this country but keeping those who have been caught doing them from making a living will only cause more problems and not solve any.

            One thing that all of those 100+ players who failed the test back in 2003 and everyone else who has failed since then is that they should loose is any consideration for ever being elected into the Hall of Fame.
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              Re: Steroids

              I don't think steroid use can realistically be stopped. Even if there was no more professional sports, amateurs would continue to use performance enhancing drugs to win medals and fame. Suspensions, fines and other disciplinary measures are about all that can be done in my opinion.


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                Re: Steroids

                Proffessional athletes have probably been pampered since they were in diapers. Many probably think their status as athletes put them above the laws the rest of us have to follow. Everyone has to suffer the consequences of their own actions, athletes should be no different. Regardless of their athletic ability, it is a privledge to make multiple millions of dollars a year to play games the outcome of which have no bearing on the the world in general. I think they have a responsibility to their teams, teammates and fans to keep their behavoir from affecting their reputation. If they intentionally deviate from acceptable behavoir they should be banned from the sport. Let 'em go out and learn a trade like the rest of us, wait in line for a table in a restaurant instead of being ushered into a private dining room. Athletes shouldn't be role models either, that's too much responsibility and that's what parents are for.


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                  Re: Steroids

                  Open it up. Let them all take any damn thing they want. It's a game. Who cares?