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  • Space Junk :-(

    2 big satellites collided about 500 miles above Siberia Tuesday.
    You may have heard about it on the news.

    Now there will be thousands more pieces of debris in space that the Shuttle and the ISS will have to worry about.

    For 50 years we (the world) have been dumping the leftovers from our scientific and military missions into space. Just like our rivers and streams they are now so polluted with junk that they are becoming unsafe. NASA
    says that starting a year or so ago worry about space debris became a bigger risk to Shuttle flights than launches or landings.

    Our space "pick-up truck" as NASA jokingly referred to the Shuttle when it was first announced years ago is used like so many other pick-ups here on Terra-firma, they spend a good part of their time riding around empty.

    How many trips have they made with the Shuttle where they could have grabbed some of that space junk and brought it back down with them. They could have lassoed a couple of those old satellites and put them in the cargo bay and brought them back.

    Those two satellites that collided the yesterday turned from two objects into thousands, each capable of damaging the Shuttle or ISS or an astronaut on an EVA. Before Tuesday, they were tracking about 17,000 objects, now they don't know how many they will have to watch out for.
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    John Ruskin (1819 - 1900)

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    Re: Space Junk :-(

    Yeah what a mess! here's a cute blog about that very thing:
    Measure TWICE - Cut ONCE! 'Cause the Lumber Stretcher is broken!
    I'd throw more things away, but I'm afraid someone might want them...
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