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What the??? Too good to be true!!!

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  • What the??? Too good to be true!!!

    I think this eBay seller is missing the point big time. Here are 26 coin silver dollars, and each has a face value (what your bank would pay you for them) of $1.00 and you can bid on them for just $9.99 for the whole lot (26 of them) and shipping in the USA is only $5.50. If I won them for opening bid, I would be getting $26.00 for only $15.49!!! There just has to be more to this than meets the eye or maybe the seller is totally LOCO??? What do you think?

    eBay members please see item #390030820070

    By the way the part about "shipping glasses" has to be from some other listing. There are NO glasses as part of this listing.
    Me thinks maybe this seller was sniffing too much carb cleaner again. LOL
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    Re: What the??? Too good to be true!!!

    They may not be loosing money, even at the opening bid IF they had zero investment to begin with... as in they stole the coins so never paid a dime for them and whatever they get is all profit.
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      Re: What the??? Too good to be true!!!

      That is kind of odd, for sure. The item location is Rockville, MD. You could actually go get them and save the shipping!
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        Re: What the??? Too good to be true!!!

        Here is some good info on what they are.

        I might add that looking over the listing well (I logged into my eBay account so I can really see it.) I think this seller must be high on something or has a major need for more ZZZs. The listing is one big mess. Well, I think it is anyway.

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          Re: What the??? Too good to be true!!!

          Maybe he expects it to go over $26 in the end? Can you tell if there is a reserve?