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broken r2500 sander

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  • broken r2500 sander

    my brand new 1 hr old r2500 sander ate up the plastic connectors that hold the plastic sanding pad to the unit. emailed support and asked for a couple new ones.. their response was find an authorized repair shop and get them to fix it..Well the closest one is about 35 mi away and all i really need is a couple 50 cent plastic parts.Shipping the thing back and forth would probably be 20 bux or more and take 3 weeks. the other alternative is an hr and a half drive each way thru some of the most brutal traffic in the u.s. (wash dc)..Is there any way i could contact a repair shop and have them send the connectors(i would be happy to install them) or am i stuck with one of the afore mentioned alternatives?? any suggestions??? thnx mike