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  • Lmao!!!

    A little news article from my local newspaper I would like to share with you:

    SPRINGFIELD - A man, beaten with a large tree branch and robbed in the downtown Thursday morning, was taken to Baystate Medical Center with serious injuries.

    Springfield Police Capt. Eugene C. Dexheimer said the incident began shortly after 2 a.m. when the victim apparently flashed a knife at the suspect in a parking lot near the Center Stage strip bar..

    The suspect, a 39-year-old West Springfield man, chased the victim, caught him in the Bridge Street area and repeatedly hit him with a large tree branch, inflicting serious injuries to his head and body, Dexheimer said.
    The suspect also stole a number of items from the victim, including jewelry and a cell phone, Dexheimer said.

    Michael Pantoja, of 29 St., West Springfield, was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and armed robbery, Dexheimer said.
    While the incident isn't so funny, it's the comments following that are priceless.

    Oh, and if masslive asks for things like zipcodes and such, just put in something random if you wish, no one verifys that information, trust me.

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    Re: Lmao!!!

    Two wrongs dont make a right?

    Send them both to jail.

    The guy definitely got what he deserved.

    Little did he know that he was robbing a more powerful robber than he was.

    Maybe they could join forces and reek havoc on the city.


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      Re: Lmao!!!

      I used to work right next door to that strip bar at another bar when I was in college..... ha


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        Re: Lmao!!!

        "Never bring a knife to a treefight."

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          Re: Lmao!!!

          Good thing that it didn't happen here in Florida. The knife wielder would be pushing daisies.

          The law here is if you are threatened and are in fear for your life anywhere, not just your home, then you can use deadly force to resist.

          Florida also has one the easiest to obtain concealed weapon permits in the country.

          Like your avatar Lenny.