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    Nice for light and cooling if they can open.

    In our work van, we keptheaviestuff as low as possible to keep the center of gravity as low as possible.
    Also a barrier behind the driver in case the vehicle hitsomething or was hit head-on to prevent injury from things behind flying forward.

    Nice vehicle.
    Any place to nap?
    I'd take an educated guess - but I'm unqualified.
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      Re: Sprinter update

      the new sprinters are now sold through mercedes sprinters dealerships. for my dodge sprinter, the sprinter dealer is 30 miles away.

      the mercedes sprinter dealer is 10 miles away but won't service them until the warranty is over.

      i believe that nissan will have a better network of dealers for their van.

      the gas engine has a lot more horsepower without the turbo diesel. also a lot less expensive for service.

      an oil change alone is 13 quarts of $8.00 oil, plus filters.

      the nissan should be less costly to maintain.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Sprinter update

        So even if you had a mechanic down the street routine maintenance kills the fuel savings ?


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          Re: Sprinter update

          Have a workhorse stepvan and can't believe how great it is. Everything is so easy to get to and it's huge. It only gets 10 mpg but you can hold a lot. Plus it only cost 5k out the door.
          Buy cheap, buy twice.


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            Re: Sprinter update

            I just bought a step van from the plumber that I use to work with when I was still a apprentice he gave me his customer list with the van . I thought I would want to use it but then found out that only gets 5 miles per gallon . also having transmission problems with it and I already made my money back with the customers I got. so I'm thinking I might just let it stay parked. But my current 99 Chevy 3500 is now having problems shifting into seconded gear .


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              Re: Sprinter update

              is your 99 chevy a diesel or gas? which tranny?

              I was all set to buy an 82 grumman step van body with a chevy 350 engine, but had reservations about parking it outside.

              I ended up buying Appleton Drain's Chevy 2500 with enclosed aluminum utility body. It fits in my garage and I can fit more in this truck than I could in the 95 ford E250 that I used to run out of.

              Averaging about 13/14 MPG on a Chevy 305 overdrive throttlebody with automatic.

              I'm very happy with it.

              My only drawback is that I cannot fit 10' lengths of pipe in the bed. I'm working on a way to mount a tube on the side at the top so that I can carry a few 10' lengths of 1.5" and 2" PVC and 1/2"-1" copper.

              So did I read correctly that Dodge is no longer the dealer for he Sprinter?

              I saw a new Mercedes Sprinter passenger van on the road the other day. Heck of a truck.