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  • Magazines

    I think this has been asked before but what Magazines do you subscribe too?

    Mine at one time were:

    This Old House
    Car and Driver
    Guitar World

    Let them run out not too long ago. What's interesting to you?


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    Re: Magazines

    I don't subscribe to no magazines but I have access to a couple thousand periodical online. All full versions from American Art Journal to Wood Digest.

    Check with your local library and ask them if they have Thomson Gale available for their patrons. Here in Ontario the service is free of charge to library card holders. Not all titles are available but still quite a few. From your list I found full texts of This Old House and Forbes. Dunno what PHC is.

    I read mostly my job related periodicals. Since I work in IT all of what I need is available online. PC Magazine, Computer World, Wired Magazine, Linux Today etc.
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      Re: Magazines

      For some reason I like the actual periodical in hand rather than reading it online.

      Plus I have dialup and alot of them file it in Adobe which can take FOREVER for me.



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        Re: Magazines

        Yes, there is some magic in the printed matter. My mom was a librarian so as a kid I spent gobs of time among books and magazines. With age time has kinda shrunk. The clock still says 24 hours in a day but somehow it feels like there is only about 10. Must be because I'm metric, or maybe time follows my hair, i.e disappears somewhere.

        For me electronic media is just a time saver since I spend a big chunk of my days at work with computers. Click here, click there and by the time I get home I don't feel I need to spend any more reading. I certainly avoid TV.

        I do subscribe to the local daily paper though but I read only local bitching a.k.a. letters to the editor.
        In order to understand recursion, one must first understand recursion.


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          Re: Magazines

          I couldn't begin to remember all I've subscribed to in the past. Right now I'm just finishing the last month of ten years with Autoweek. They halved the number of issues (doubled the price) the day after I sent in a two year renewal, so I got a refund.

          So now I only subscribe to MGA! (The Journal of the North American MG-A Registar) and Better Homes & Garden's WOOD Magazine. I have every issue published of that one.


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            Re: Magazines

            I like Popular Woodworking, but don't have a subscription. I pick up an issue every 3-4 months from Barnes & Noble.

            I also like to buy Newsweek the week after a (winning) election, and read the dissection. There is something nice about a 50-page or so magazine vs. disconnected articles from Drudge.


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              Re: Magazines

              Plumbing & Mechanical
              PHC News
              Green Industry (irrigation & landscaping)
              Biblical Archeological Review
              Conservative Chronicle (paper)
              Black Belt Magazine
              Strings Magazine (violin)
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                Re: Magazines

                High Times

                Just kidding. I get Plumbing and Mechanical. Thats about it.
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                  Re: Magazines

                  Got my last issue of PlayBoy and Muscle&Fitness, no more subscriptions. I've heard a lot of foks complain about how thin many magazines have gotten and what's left is loaded with advertising. PlayBoy still has some interesting reading, but I have no interest in the "Girls". I'd much rather see women. The Muscle & Fitness is kind of played out as well as the martial arts magazines I used to read. I enjoy science and tech stuff so I'll spend more time at my library.


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                    Re: Magazines

                    The jury duty question!
                    They always ask what magazines people subscribe to.

                    Must tell a little bit about a person.

                    I don't subscribe to any magazines. Hmm wonder what that means?