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Happy 25th. Papa John

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  • Happy 25th. Papa John

    Around 25 years ago Papa John's Pizza was founded by John (Papa) Schnatter. Now they are 25 years old and going strong. If you would like to read some of their history here goes.

    As a high school student working at a local pizza pub in Jeffersonville, Indiana, Papa John's founder John Schnatter realized that there was something missing from national pizza chains: a superior-quality traditional pizza delivered to the customer's door. His dream was to one day open a pizza restaurant that would fill that void.

    In 1984, "Papa" John Schnatter knocked out a broom closet located in the back of his father's tavern (Mick's Lounge), sold his prized 1972 Z28 Camaro, purchased $1,600 worth of used restaurant equipment, and began selling his pizzas to the tavern's customers. The customers loved the pizza so much that John was able to expand by moving into adjoining space, eventually leading to the opening of the first Papa John's restaurant in 1984.

    Today, there are more than 3,000 Papa John's restaurants worldwide. More importantly, Papa John's remains committed to its heritage of making a superior-quality, traditional pizza.

    Now for the good part. If you order one large size pizza with 3 or more toppings at regular price, you can get a medium size plain cheese pizza for only 25 cents!!! Click this link and look for more info about this deal.
    Look to the right for the special deal.

    There are more specials such as a buy (2) 20 Oz bottles of any Coke product and get a free 20 Oz. Coke Zero.

    Yes, yes, I know they are not as good as that special little back alley pizza joint you know about, but then Papa John's is national and they bring the food to you. Does your little back alley place deliver? Maybe? Maybe not? Are you sure?
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    Re: Happy 25th. Papa John

    I love stories like these. It's a dream that if you try and work hard enough, you can make it happen. Of course, people are taken back by setbacks controlled or uncontrolled, but the drive is still there to succeed.

    This guy has definitely made his mark with taking basic components *flour, tomato paste, vegetables* and turned into an empire.

    We should all live our lives to head towards individual freedom, not to just get by.
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