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Record Breaking Weather Here - BRRRRRR

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  • Record Breaking Weather Here - BRRRRRR

    As of the latest check here where The Woussko Hut is located we are expecting a low over night of about +5F and that's very rare for March. In January or early February we might expect it to happen. In addition there's a nasty driving wind making for dangerous wind chills here. I'm glad I have a good furnace and that it's fueled by piped natural gas. Now if the power goes out, I can start up my famous NASTY BLASTER - CLAG MASTER generator and smoke up the whole neighborhood until the beast has warmed up. Out blasts bluish white smoke. To get the idea please see this YOUTUBE video of an old English Electric Diesel-Electric locomotive trying to cold start. You'll get the idea about my generator. If I can find it, there's a good one of a generator cold starting after resting too long. It blasts away too.


    BLASTER STANDBY GENERATOR:It takes 3 tries and finally it keeps running but what a smoker it is.
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    Re: Record Breaking Weather Here - BRRRRRR

    We had it rough here as well it got up to 71, that was hard to take.
    but I am fairly sure winter will return.
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      Re: Record Breaking Weather Here - BRRRRRR

      My Dad's 48 chevy smoked like that!

      Think the Engineer texts teen age kids ???
      I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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        Re: Record Breaking Weather Here - BRRRRRR

        reminds me of a old diesel truck they gave me to use that was supposed to be sold at auction. The only way to start it was with a can of ether, if you shut it off it was game over! Truck was so old and beat up that we called it the "sway back" it sagged in the middle. Very funny unless you had to drive it and take the laughs and abuse as it billowed white smoke all day long.


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          Re: Record Breaking Weather Here - BRRRRRR

          Locomotive Update

          After a good warming up it doesn't smoke anything like when cold. It's mostly unburned vaporized fuel blasting out the exhaust. Some engineers will let them rev up a little and then close the fuel racks and let it coast a few seconds with no fuel and then open them up again. That helps clear the cylinders of fuel and also build up some heat in them and get the heads hotter. What it really needs is good glow plugs, but the old timers didn't have them. The engine was cranked using special windings in the generator and a huge bank of batteries. They could crank several minutes and then take a few minutes rest and then crank again. If any of you remember the days of the old construction machinery with gasoline PONY ENGINES used for starting they used to make one heck of a fuss and blasted smoke when first cold started.