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Another example of doctors being clueless

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  • Another example of doctors being clueless

    When I read the following
    I got really worked up about the nerve of a profession that decides it's entitled to put a gag on criticism because it fells it's being singled out. So I guess it's O.K. to denigrate _ _ _ _ _ (fill in the blanks), but the 1st Amendment shouldn't apply to patients opinions of physicians.

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    Re: Another example of doctors being clueless

    You can't please everyone, so just as with good mechanics and plumbers, good doctors will occassionally get patients they can't please. The other side of that opinion would be the truly incompetent and rude professionals who deserve harsh critism. Personally I would not sign a waiver and I would go online if I knew the proper site and mention the doctor by name for suggesting it in the first place. This is a tricky subject simply because there are so many wackos on the Internet who get a kick out of hurting folks for no good reason. We should have better governing bodies in place to oversee the various Trades and Professions so we don't have to depend on such sites. I would rather have honest and fair people rate and or judge performance instead of covering for their own. A bad plumber gives a good plumber grief and brings down the profession by his poor work. Protecting the bums, doctors included helps no one in the long run. There has to be a better way!