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I'm shaking my head,.....again.

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  • I'm shaking my head,.....again.

    this is another example of "can't fix stupid".

    what's wrong with these pictures?

    i'll give you a hint.

    the pic of the snow fence is a little decieving. it's hard to judge distance up here.

    the fence is about 20' high. it disrupts the wind so the snow settles behind the fence. this is located at the windward side of town. the prevaling wind side.

    the inuit positioned their igloo entrance perpendicular to the wind.


    that inuk in the pic shovels every winter.
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    Re: I'm shaking my head,.....again.

    Help me out here, I'm still looking for an igloo.


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      Re: I'm shaking my head,.....again.

      Originally posted by rookie plumber View Post
      Help me out here, I'm still looking for an igloo.
      all of the entrances/exits are located on the leeward side of the building.




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        Re: I'm shaking my head,.....again.

        Holy crap! What a nightmare!

        I would have to do all of my sewers from pulled commodes.

        "I'll be a minute ma'am, I need to dig out this ten feet of snow to get to your cleanout"

        I guess you could just walk up the pile of snow straight to the roof with no ladder which would be a plus.

        On second thought, I'll keep my 105 degree, with 95 humidity summers.

        More power to ya.


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          Re: I'm shaking my head,.....again.

          I just looked you up on a map. I'm thousands of miles almost directly south of you.

          The internet is amazing, it really makes the world smaller.

          What are you guys doing up there? Is that a research facility or something? Doesnt look like a friendly place to live full time? Probably beautiful though I imagine.

          Bet you dont like to watch the movie "The Thing"


          This is where I live. Not really friendly place to live either now that I think about it. Hurricane season in the summer, thugs year round. Not really beautiful, but very interesting.