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    been watching and learning from this forum for some time and now i have something to say.

    I like a lot of others have been frustrated with the fact that the lsa "which is why many state they buy ridgid although i buy because i think the tools at least the ones i have [ ts,tp,jp ] are an excellent product and well worth the money", has left a lot to be desired as in where is it. Today i found it.:
    i recieved notification on tuesday this week that my ts had finally been updated but on checking the dashboard i discovered that the thickness planer which i had purchased in dec o6 had not . After sending and recieving various e-mails about this problem i again called the 1 800 no and was connected to a lady named koya,her first question to me was for my serial no which i read to her off the dashboard info. Where upon she told me that this no was not a serial no.

    I was a little shocked because through all the correspondence prior to this no one noticed this little error

    to make a long storey a little shorter she took the sn and within 30 minutes my dashboard tells me all tools are now lsa

    I would like to thank her personally but i'm in edmonton alberta, canada and she had what i think was a distinct southern usa drawl
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