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    Anyone have a good one?

    I'm not pleased with's latest upgrade, and apparently they want me to jump through numerous hoops to get through the email system.

    They want $100 a year to renew on 10 email addresses and I'm just going to go to one for each company, that's it. I'm trying to make things more difficult than they already are, and I might just do one if I can figure out what might be the best bet...

    I've got accounts with msn, insight, yahoo, gawab, but for professional reasons I want it where the company name follows the name of my company.

    Emails are one of my most vital, and crucial tools in my business. I can outlay information, contact others without spending postage, receive information by PDF, hyperlinks, you name it. has made a lethal mistake in their upgrade by not allowing the user of their system to block emails from spammers, which now they think I'm going to open 2 screens and manually type in a spammer's email? F88K that. They had it before the upgrade to allow me to just click a button and then report spam.

    Who's side are they really on. I spend a lot of money between domains and services, and I can't be spending an hour opening up 11 email address accounts to gain information of activity.

    I absolutely despise Gmail, I just cannot deal with that system. Tried it for 2 months and I thought I was going to pull my hair out.

    There's got to be a system out there that I can use that is "retard friendly" like myself, so I can navigate, track emails swiftly and make a go at it without hardship.
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    Re: Email Systems

    I used two systems.
    Ipowerweb if you need your own domain with hosting and 100 email addresses included, or simply yahoo.

    I have been using yahoo for the last 12 years or so and I am very happy. There isn't a service provider without a glitch but yahoo has been good for me.
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      Re: Email Systems

      Hey DUNBAR take a look at GMAIL from GOOGLE. I dont know if they offer what your looking at but they offer alot of extras
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        Re: Email Systems

        Do you have access to a UNIX machine (Linux, Mac etc)?

        If so, it comes with an Enterprise-class email server for free. Called Postfix, it is commonplace in the industry.

        You may need to set aside an evening to get it configured, but it works brilliantly. As many email addresses as you can think of, and as many domains as you are prepared to register. All for free.

        It will require an always-on internet connection that doesn't change its IP address too often (if ever). Many DSL providers do this, even if they say it is dynamic. eg my AT&T address has not changed in over a year.

        If this isnt going to work for you, you may be surprised to find that gmail can do exactly as you are looking for too. If you get this set up (and again, it's a ballache to do), you need never go near the gmail web-interface. Just setup your mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird, whatever) to retrieve the mail from gmail, and it will have the right address on the outgoing mail.

        Getting it all configured it complex, whichever way you go, but it does work.


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          Re: Email Systems

          Originally posted by TOPDAWG View Post
          Hey DUNBAR take a look at GMAIL from GOOGLE. I dont know if they offer what your looking at but they offer alot of extras
          My son, who works for Google, got me to try Gmail. It's pretty good, but I still like some of the features of Mozilla's Firefox.