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Help Me Out Guys = Broadband Speed

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    Re: Help Me Out Guys = Broadband Speed

    Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
    7:35 am pst.

    Last Result:
    Download Speed: 112 kbps (14 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 326 kbps (40.8 KB/sec transfer rate)
    why so slow?
    we have dsl through our phone co and it looks like ours is the slowest on the forum.
    do i need to call the isp or upgrade my modem and router?
    You mean you don't have 5 spare computers hanging around to boost your speed? hahaha

    I'm sorry Joey, it's fun to get Rick since he has to have the fastest, latest gadget around.
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      Re: Help Me Out Guys = Broadband Speed

      Check mine out this morning and it was

      578 KBPS down and 280 KBPS up, at lest the up load was better than Vince's,

      I am on a wireless net work out here, and I even payed for an up grade over the old carrier pigeon service,
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        Re: Help Me Out Guys = Broadband Speed

        Today with service running good again. Using Verizon DSL Standard Package my speeds are as follows.
        Using the service Josh posted and their server nearest me the average of running the test three times.
        Download: 2850
        Upload: 597

        Using the Verizon test they have for members.
        Upload: 2768
        Download: 592

        If you go with their lower cost DSL speeds are limited to 720 for downloading and 128 for uploading.

        Yesterday when DSL was down, I tried dial-up and oh is that painfully slow by comparison. Some things just refused to work at all.
        I am glad to have dial-up as I can access my E-mail and do some other basic stuff, but it crawls along.
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          Re: Help Me Out Guys = Broadband Speed

          Download Speed: 5921 kb/s
          Upload Speed: 670 kb/s

          That's from Ontario, Canada, with service from Bell Sympatico (DSL). And no, it's not still frozen up here in July, thank you - we'll nip that one in the bud.