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Regained the Fire

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  • Regained the Fire

    After 29 years in the trades from 60 story high rises to replacing lead waste lines in infested basements I thought I had it with Plumbing.

    I remember a time when I loved plumbing and for the most part only associated with plumbers.Then somewhere along the line I started to hate it.

    Since I moved to Colorado from NYC I was forced into starting my own business.I did bathtub refinishing at first (Was my hobby in NYC) but deep in my bones I am a plumber.
    I had a Masters license In NYC so I took the test here in CO and now I am switching my bathtub refinishing business to a plumbing business.

    The codes are differant but I will get it.

    I was searching the internet for some answers and found this site.
    I am feeling the old flame starting to fan and I am enjoying it.

    Thanks Guys


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    Re: Regained the Fire

    Here is my bathtub refinishing website - and

    My plumbing website is on the way .

    Thanks for all the help so far.


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      Re: Regained the Fire

      Congrats on rekindling your plumbing love.

      This thread is screaming for a theme song.

      How about...

      or how about...


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        Re: Regained the Fire

        Hendrix definitely


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          Re: Regained the Fire

          welcome to the forum.

          nice to get that regained feeling eh?