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8 COPS & macadamia nuts

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  • 8 COPS & macadamia nuts

    i was watching COPS on the idiot box the other night.

    they wanted to bust street level drug users/buyers. they called it a "reverse sting operation".

    macadamia nuts were cut into pieces to "look like" crack cocaine.

    yeah, they busted some people alright. the cops approached the drug buyers with guns drawn.

    seems to me, there is alot of money being spent "busting" the wrong problem.

    that's like putting a bucket under a drip instead of fixing the actual problem.

    up here in nunavut, the RCMP don't even bother with the "small" stuff. it's a waste of time and paperwork for the RCMP and also wastes the court's time. they go after the big guns. the first crack bust up here yeilded 4lbs of that nasty stuff. the two cousins from edmonton are doing time.

    loose the head, the body falls.

    let's just say "what if" one of those drug users on COPS didn't hear the cop identifying himself and pulled out a gun and started shooting. "what if" the drug user shot and killed a cop with a family. it would be a little difficult to explain to the surviving family that their husband/father died over some macadamia nuts.


    i think it's high-time (no punn intended) our governments started looking really hard at themselves and start trimming the fat.
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    Re: 8 COPS & macadamia nuts

    a few years ago, in Tobago, this dude decided he wanted to be a drug lord. there are only like 4 cops for the entire district involved. the locals took matters into their own hands. they took the fool and tossed him into a big coals pit. the local LEOs were looking for someones missing cat at the time

    long story short the dude has massive scars and is still alive. there are no drugs in that part of Tobago.

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