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Prayers for North Dakota

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  • Prayers for North Dakota

    The Ridgid Forum has brought together many folks from around the country and world. I'd like to take this opportunity to extend my prayers to all the folks in North Dakota who will be facing what is being described as the worst flood in one hundred years.

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    Re: Prayers for North Dakota

    Prayers on the way.

    We just had the 4th worst on record here. No fun.


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      Re: Prayers for North Dakota

      We need to send some funds that way through Red Cross.

      They helped us during Katrina.

      Those people need to get out of town to higher ground and on the phone to FEMA. A little sandbag levee isnt going to do anything for a estimated 23 ft river overflow (41ft from bottom of river)

      We had levees from 12 ft (surrounding parish) to 30 ft (at the river) and ended up with a 1 ft to 20 ft flood depending on where you lived.

      Unfortunately many of those people are going to find out that homeowners and renters insurance does not cover flood. Just like I did.


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        Re: Prayers for North Dakota


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          Re: Prayers for North Dakota

          i wish i could help my friends.

          all i can do is include you in my prayers.

          i'm a little rough around the edges, but i'm heard.


          my grandfather on my southern/white side had pictures from the 1950's WPG flood. brutal.

          mother nature rules.