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Guess I'm a freak of nature

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  • Guess I'm a freak of nature

    I have been doing alot of thinking lately.A thread in the pro plumbing discussion really got me wondering.The thread "As a professional plumber" I learned alot from that thread.Although I went through the apprenticeship program and did get licensed I am not a plumber.I have a general contractors license as well but I guess I'm not really a GC either.As I read through the "We are being played thread" I realized everything about my business is so much different than other tradesmens businesses.I only took a few years off (away from my own business) to get a plumbing license because the plumber I had been using for years retired.After dealing with several other plumbers I decided it was in my best interest to get licensed.Luckly the apprenticeship program left me with some friends who after getting licensed I urged them to start their own businesses.I now give those businesses all the work they want in return they give me reasonable pricing not cheap fair.I do alot of plumbing and alot of drain cleaning myself but have more than I can handle and I also like to do other things besides plumbing.I guess I'm a freak because I dont have to work at all yet nothing makes me happier than standing in a pile of crap cleaning a mainline.I say my business is so much different because I am my own customer.Everything I do is for myself(except the occasional person I bump into that cant afford a plumber but has a need) I am a real estate investor I own apartments,manufactured home communities,and single family homes both rent and sell.Its always been about the work for me I like the work I like to fix things I live to remodel.I guess in a way I'm every plumbers worst nightmare a DYIer with a plumbing license

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    Re: Guess I'm a freak of nature

    And the purpose of this thread is, why?

    A DIY'r w/a Plumbing License and a GC License, I would tend to think that you are off base with that statement. If you have a license then you are one, if you don't have a license then your a hack.

    So, I'd say that your not a Plumbers worst nightmare, because you are a Plumber. You may not have full knowledge and skills of a Master Plumber, but it sure sounds like you know all of the basic of Plumbing.

    I really don't understand this thread, to me, it sounds as if you want a debate to happen, this could be....
    Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....

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      Re: Guess I'm a freak of nature

      Wow, you got it all. Congratulations.
      Anyone can tear a man down, few can build one up.


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        Re: Guess I'm a freak of nature

        The purpose of this thread I guess in some small way it was apoligizing to those who took offense to my views in the other thread.I dont really know what its like to depend on plumbing alone to feed my family therefore my opinion of the plumbing trade as a whole is biased.

        Trying to encourage a debate or start something no way! I am here for the same reason most others are I love ridgid tools and I get to learn stuff.I've been around a while dont have many posts but sometimes I just have nothing to say.

        Tyman its not even like that.I am far from the snobby type.If you were to shake my 40 grit hand you would understand that.

        Big Jim how refreshing it is to be understood.


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          Re: Guess I'm a freak of nature


          I think I understand where you're coming from. Big Jim gave a good interpretation. I used to work with my father who was a licensed steam fitter. In my early days I used to spend a lot of time with my Dad as he struggled to make a living, doing both full and part time work (part time is where I came into the picture).

          Dad was one of those guys who could do just about anything. It was before his union days and as jobs dictated he'd often "rise to the occasion" but in so doing he'd do whatever possible to learn the trade.

          It's nice to see a guy take the necessary steps to not only learn the necessary skills, but also to get "certified" in order to qualify his work.

          Way to go!



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            Re: Guess I'm a freak of nature

            one of my proudest moments in life was when i got certified in plumbing.

            that's when the learning began for me.