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Do you dred your birthday?

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  • Do you dred your birthday?

    I do. Not because of the whole getting older thing. That doesn't bother me much. In fact, age has some advantages in that you can finally tell a-holes what you think of them and feign senility when you don't feel like doing something No, I dred it because between the 5 plumbing licenses, two gas licenses, 6 automobile registrations and inspections, club memberships and whatever else the damn government can think of, I just about have to take out a freeking second mortgage. Oh, and I just found out that Maine want's me to register the damn canoe? What's with that? It's a GD canoe for christ's sake. No motor. No trailer, but I have to spend 60 bucks every year and slap some stupid numbers on it that no one is ever gonna read?

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    Re: Do you dred your birthday?

    I really hate my birthday, every time it comes up, I feel I should be farther along in life. Have my annual midlife crisis and buy some new tool and feel better.
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      Re: Do you dred your birthday?

      My birthday is simply just "another day". I keep telling myself that you're only as old as you think you are. On the inside, I'm still in my early 20's (except for those morning aches and pains). I've been told that I don't look anywhere close to my age, but when I look in the mirror I often wonder where those youthful years went. But I run into people I used to know and wonder what in He!! has messed them up so bad.... Man, they're old!

      But I reached a point about six years ago when everyone seemed to jump from "older than me" to "way younger than me". All of a sudden I felt really old. I suddenly realized that things that I had hoped to gain, were probably not going to happen at that point in my life. It took me a while to just shrug it off and move on, and move on is what I did. So I retired out of the "lost objectives" and moved on to creating a satisfactory job-independant life where I set my own pace and decide what I want to do this week. BTW, I'll hit the big 65 this coming July.



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        Re: Do you dred your birthday?

        There was a while when I thought of the whole birthday thing as a young person's only celebration, but I think we should all be thankful to be around for another birthday and celebrate it even in some small way. My wife and I got into a bad habit of not celebrating birthdays except for the kids, and not making much of anniverseries either and I want to change that. Most of us have friends and or family and why not have them sing "Happy Bithday" and share a slice of cake? We deserve it just as much as any kid, don't we? My birthday is early July and I don't care if I have to buy or bake my own cake, I'm going to smile and be thankful for my wife and daughters to wish me well. Oh, and just like GearJunkie I'll be buying myself some tools. Maybe it will be the cordless 1/2 inch heavy duty impact wrench I keep talking about!


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          Re: Do you dred your birthday?

          Geez, I notice all the smart ones here have birthdays in July! I really look forward to birthdays--it means I have made it another year! At my age (you know, the age when you don't buy green bananas anymore) it is getting to be quite an accomplishment.


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            Re: Do you dred your birthday?

            Not anymore. I used to, but now I just keep redoing that 29th birthday. Apparently, some parts of me don't understand. Remember this:

            inside of every old person is a young person screaming "what the hell is going on out there!"
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              Re: Do you dred your birthday?

              i like birthdays because of all the nice gifts you get from friends

              My birthday is on sept 10

              hay thats when the 2009 Ridgid round up is and i will be with all my friends
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                Re: Do you dred your birthday?

                i used to.

                but as i got older i've started enjoying that time of the year. made it through another one and still have most of my parts.