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Mass Murder in Binghamton

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  • Mass Murder in Binghamton

    Once again our illusion of security was shaken and the harsh reality of evil was forced upon us as the events of the hostage situation and multiple murders in Binghamton, NY unfolded today. I was hoping for an early end to the story but it kept growing more horrible as the day progressed. I have a daughter in college very close to that town and I thought about her as well. I thought about the brave officers trying to safeguard others and secure the area. I thought what if more folks had guns, could they have made a difference? This story will receive plenty of media coverage, we will learn more about the shooter and victims. Time will fade this tragedy from our thoughts, and we will go about our normal lives until the next time it happens!

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    Re: Mass Murder in Binghamton

    Evil lurks everywhere. Its like a bad dream. Attacking the man and the reason will be washed aside, the instrument of death will be the main focus.


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      Re: Mass Murder in Binghamton

      Binghamton is very much like most cities I suspect. I grew up there, just three blocks down the street at 241 Front Street and in my adolescence, I attended religious instruction at that church just two doors away from the Civic Center. Though I have lived in Painted Post the last 30 years, I'm in the process of moving back there and actually have been spending more time there in the past year. Today we happened to be here in Painted Post, but we're returning to Binghamton on Sunday. (Our new home is on Binghamton's west side, just over a mile away.)

      The American Civic Center is very popular and I have a few family members on my wife's side that are regular participants in volunteer work and social activities that are held there. We are so grateful that none of them were at the center today.

      The city is much different than it was thirty years ago having lost several industries and countless jobs. Population within the city is much less than it once was, but I think the total population including the ajacent areas have grown to some small degree. Binghamton is pretty safe and you can pretty much walk anywhere without being concerned. This particular event is tragic, and hopefully there will be a lot that is yet unknown about the killer and what has led up to this terrible slaughter.

      Binghamton is a town that has been the destination of immigrants for more than a 100 years. It's whole social structure represents many different nationalities, races, and religions. Through most of the last century, immigrants from Europe made up the biggest share of its citizens. In the last ten years we've seen an increasing number of Hispanics and Asians. Suny Binghamton has a very large number of foreign students with a big percentage being from Asia. Actually my new neighborhood is heavily populated with SUNY students, but everyone that we've met is very courteous.

      The Binghamton area is just so much more friendly than the Corning area and we've looked forward to moving back there since my retirement. This tragedy will impact the city for a very long time I think. I pray that it does not spark further hatred or suspicion. It would be very much different than the friendly city that I have known all my life.

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