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power washer

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  • power washer

    I just bought a rigid 3000 psi pressure washer and there is a steel pin in the packaging that I cant for the life of me figure out what its for.Does anyone know what this is?

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    Re: power washer

    Nevermind.I guess if I use my head a little it wouldnt have been hard to figure out.


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      Re: power washer

      Originally posted by charliemc1414 View Post
      Nevermind.I guess if I use my head a little it wouldnt have been hard to figure out.
      For cleaning the nozzles out right?

      I bought the same one Fri and used it today...very impressed. It's my first PW so a learning curve to go through. Came down to a choice between this and the NT NorthStar for $570 (Honda GX but only axial pump). I am however a little surprised at the lack of documentation that came with it. Nothing on the engine and nothing on the pump. Only by looking on the top of the pump (mostly hidden from view) did it become apparent that a plug had to be removed before use...nothing at all in the instructions. From what I have read on here and other websites, the pumps should be looked after. Most power equipment of this style (snowblower etc) come with a manual for the device and one for the engine.

      I also tried the CAT website but could find no reference to the pump model 3GXT27

      What happens when I have to stop spraying for one reason or another for 30 seconds or a minute...should I stop the engine or does this pump have protection built in?

      Charlie....I apologize for hijacking your thread, but it seemed like a great opportunity to jump in!

      Any comments will be gratefully received. Thanks


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        Re: power washer

        FWIW, I heard from Cat and the pump on the 3000 psi Ridgid PW is specially made by Cat for them, but is very similar to the 3DNX27GSI