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Stats clock, quite interesting....

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  • Stats clock, quite interesting....

    Here, I thought you fellows might like this very interesting clock.
    Stats should be fairly accurate, as they are taken from the respective correct facilities.(bureaus)

    CLOCK-STATS <click

    Enjoy fellows, just something to pass the time (pun intended).

    EDIT: Make sure you click the tabs on the side. (population, energy, etc....)
    Enviroment, I am sure a lot of you fellows will like to know, so at least click there
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    Re: Stats clock, quite interesting....

    Wow so China and India together have a population of 2,498,214,052 to our 305,864,546. That explains a lot about why things are getting farmed out to them. It also seems like we had better figure out a way to make them need our goods. Too bad they don't respect our patents like they should.

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