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  • SouthLand on NBC

    I'm watching this, apparently this is the replacement of ER that just went off, forever.

    This Southland is created after real crime in Los Angeles California, and when this show goes off the air tonight,

    NBC is plugging an interactive map that shows where crimes took place.

    This weekly show has shown some brutal stuff that R rated movies were created by, and I'm trying to figure out something...

    How numb we are to everyone elses victimization of crime.

    We watch it for suspense, we comment on the bad things that happen to other human beings, even raise our voices or type angered words to get our point across that it's wrong.

    And when it hits home? Personally?

    We absolutely do not want anyone discussing it, throwing their opinions around when of course, some are very mean and discerning.

    Crime whether you want to admit it, is bought and sold sensationalism.

    That's why there's forensic files, these prison shows glamorizing the worst humans on earth...and why?

    Because our curiousity fuels that need to watch it, just like when you see a wreck and you got to make sure you ask the paramedics to pull the dead bodies 10' closer to the vehicle because you can't see em.

    You cussed like mad hell waiting your turn to pass the disaster, but oh lookie! Put it in park to hell with everyone behind us! This **** is gruesome!

    Another one of my social evening rants I suppose, and I'm completely guilty of watching shows like this because the suspense is addicting.
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    Re: SouthLand on NBC

    I noticed an article that said that that show was advertised on the front page of the LA Times disguised as a news item. This, apprently, marks a new age of advertising. I guess the network is hoping the show will really take off. I'm not really into violence, so I won't be watching it - but to each their own...
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