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Ridgid Vacuum, water question

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  • Ridgid Vacuum, water question

    Not finding this on the site or in the manual.

    Do I have to take the paper filter off to suck up water?
    (I assume I should but not sure)

    Also, where can I get a foam pre-filter?
    Like the kind Shop Vac has that slips over the paper filter.

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    Re: Ridgid Vacuum, water question

    i did some digging, this is what i found.

    i don't have a manuel for it but i think your supposed to remove the paper filter and put the sponge one in. without the sponge filter water might/will get sucked through the motor.

    i know. when i was a younger man i did the old water atomizer trick.



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      Re: Ridgid Vacuum, water question

      If Ridgid has a foam filter I sure can't find any. ShopVac has them but you can also use the cartridge filter for wet pickup. You need to be sure the drum is emptied out and the filter is clean before starting. Once done be sure to remove the the filter and clean it well. Leave the motor head off to dry out and also be sure the filter or foam sleeve is dried well.

      Please never use a vac with no filter at all. You'll suck all kinds of junk up into the fan(s) and then to clean them or in many cases replace them. Be sure to let motor head dry out. Moisture not allowed to properly dry will cause corrosion.
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