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Gun lovers, or computer haters.

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  • Gun lovers, or computer haters.

    Ever get so mad at your computer...
    That you decide to go on a rampage.
    Well here you go, watch this.


    Please note; I am not advocating violence (so please, leave this for the Pro's) :P

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    Re: Gun lovers, or computer haters.

    Thank god someone finally did this test! I was so bored with the .30 caliber results...

    Interesting that the ads that ran were for Intel. Do Intel drives make the best targets?
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      Re: Gun lovers, or computer haters.

      I've got a few old hard drives I wouldn't mind subjecting to that test!!! :P

      Intel doesn't make drives, they make CPU's (the chip that runs the computer) and motherboards mostly. I've got a few of those things lying around that might benefit from some ballistics testing!!
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        Re: Gun lovers, or computer haters.

        Sorry Sandy but that info is incorrect;
        Intel most certainly does make drives. Actually they have some of the fastest drives on the market, with their SSD's.
        And they have had memory chips for at least 30 years. (I'm pretty sure that is one of the founded marks on computer technology, where they started)
        They also make reference motherboards (and have done so for 30+ years) as well many other computer components.
        They are well known for their chips (cpu), but that is not the backbone of their company (their server class hard drives, server controllers, etc.. are for that).

        EDIT:: And Luci, nah, I think that is for Hitachi drives
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