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PBS Frontline: Poisoned Waters

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  • PBS Frontline: Poisoned Waters

    Tuesday, 4/21/09 Check Local Listings

    PCrack, this should interest you, much of it is focused on DC, the Chesapeake, DelMarVa, Tysons Corner, and vicinity.

    For the rest of us, it is relative also. You can see a preview at the link above.

    Set your TiVos to record everyone.
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    Re: PBS Frontline: Poisoned Waters

    In the Washington, DC area this will be aired from 9:00 - 11:00 pm on Tuesday on WETA (Chan 26 analog) and WETA-DT 26.1 and 26.4

    In other areas nearby you can try WWPB (chan 31) and WWPB-DT 31.1 (Hagerstown - Hancock MD),,, W48AA (chan 48 Keyser, WV) and WFPT (chan 62 Frederick, MD) during the same times.

    Hint for all in the Mid Atlantic region: From 8:00 - 9:00 pm you should find the show "Nova" on the correct station being aired. Just leave it on for "Poisoned Waters".
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      Re: PBS Frontline: Poisoned Waters

      Thanks, Bob

      This should be interesting to watch

      As a small child in the late 60's, I would walk down to the shores of the Potomac River to catch fish after school. My mother would shriek in horror when I would routinely bring home fish with 3 eyes, multiple tailfins and giant bulging cysts. She would discreetly throw them away when I wasn't looking. To make me feel good she would serve us Mrs. Pauls fish sticks for dinner and say how yummy my fish was. Yeah, my 2 freakish fish was able to feed a family of 9

      I heard that the healthy oyster population in the Chesapeake Bay is less than 1% of what is was 100 years ago. There was talk a few weeks ago to bring in a Japanese oyster that is less susceptible to disease. The Bay borders several states and lawmakers can't come to a conclusion on what action to take, so nothing gets done.
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        Re: PBS Frontline: Poisoned Waters

        Looks like that will be an interesting - and scary - show. I watched one on trash/waste a few days ago. We throw away 99% of everything we buy in America within 6-months! And we're running out of places to put it all.
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