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It's My Fault, I'm Sorry

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  • It's My Fault, I'm Sorry

    Blame me, I'm the one eating twice as much as everyone else.


    Hearing me eat and crunching my bags of chips, blame me.

    I hear a cheeseburger calling my name, I must go.
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    Re: It's My Fault, I'm Sorry

    I think the reporter got crumbs on the story.


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      Re: It's My Fault, I'm Sorry

      You guys crack me up. Posts like this leave me laughing out loud at my desk. I read this forum during my lunch hour and find it not only entertaining but also enlightening. Reading this forum has given me a much better understanding of what you do for a living.


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        Re: It's My Fault, I'm Sorry

        It aint fat people to blame, it's paper production. Need a lot more paper to print Bambams bail out funds!
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          Re: It's My Fault, I'm Sorry

          Well - - - just have them all wear dark clothing to absorb the sun's rays instead of reflecting them. That will offset the emissions they cause. Next problem?
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            Re: It's My Fault, I'm Sorry

            They couldn't make us quit fast food by telling us it made us unhealthy. Now they will try to regulate our diets by claiming we are killing the planet.

            Fat people die earlier... so thin people will make up the difference over time just by living longer.