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    Re: Anybody seen this, need to see............

    It would take too many words to attempt an explanation of my feelings about Iraq and I'm sure too many would then deem me unpatriotic in such an attempt. (I did post on this subject back in 2004, but it became a useless effort.) I get extremely upset when my patriotism and my support of the military is questioned. It's tough when "support" is interpretted as being all to willing to commit our children, our friends, our neighbors, and our countrymen to battle, without clear and decisive reason and without prudent strategy. But trying to explain global military stategy in the environment of the last eight years is almost a foolish task in itself.

    I wonder too, if much of what we "don't see" has been blocked by the past administration too. It is said that, "truths are self evident"... but when the evidence is blocked, the truths can well be manipulated. Early in the Iraq war, pictures of coffins, funerals, and related sadness was deemed too personal and too infringing to be photographed and published. A part of that was of course to prevent the mis-use by so-called "unpatriotic" causes. But I wonder how much and how far it went to damper such stories of heroism?

    Again, I'm glad this story was posted by G3Sprinklers and this post is not meant to defame or politicise this or any other act military heroism or honor.